SendtoNews is the fastest growing syndicator of Sports Video Highlights in the world.

We distribute game highlights, player interviews and other fan-interest content to 1400+ digital properties of broadcasters, print, radio and online news outlets throughout North America and abroad. Our programming includes exclusive content from more than 75 leagues on four continents.

We also operate the industry's only 'Premium Advertising Network' where we package and connect new, exclusive inventories of sports video content with large-scale, creative opportunities for major sponsors.

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Full featured, highly configurable and installs in minutes...

SPORTSTATION is quickly embedded into the web properties of SendtoNews' news publication partners. It provides immediate access to a wealth of sports video highlights from more than 75 leagues worldwide as well as the industry's most equitable advertising revenue share program.
Automatically handles distribution rights for all content on behalf of the news publishing partner.
Provides customized, national, regional and localized content based each publisher's region and preferences.
Optimizes the reader viewing experience by presenting trending content & recommendations based on click path.
Contact us online or call toll free 855.590.1991 to learn more.