What We Do


Sports Video Syndication

We enable the news industry to meet their viewers' insatiable demand for high quality sports video content while growing their bottom line in a meaningful, sustainable way.

Since commercializing in 2013, SendtoNews has become one of the world’s fastest growing syndicators of premium digital sports video content - serving 1400+ broadcasters, newspaper.coms and pure digital news publishers across North America and abroad.

SendtoNews’ has developed industry-leading content distribution tools that leverage its own highly scalable, cloud-based content and rights management platform. The architecture of this platform was originally developed for the 2010 Olympic Games, where it was used to distribute high definition content to newsrooms worldwide.

"After fully vetting the category, we feel confident that SendtoNews' flexible platform provides the most turnkey solution in the local content space and the most powerful way to distribute our content to local outlets."
Marc Jenkins, Vice President of Digital Media

Deep Publisher Partnerships

SendtoNews distributes content for more than 75 sporting organizations on four continents.

SendtoNews supports newsrooms with exclusive broadcast quality, professionally-produced and league approved video content from top tier professional and amateur sports leagues. You will also have access to world class sporting events, fan interest stories and even original content with viral potential (plays of the day, bloopers, etc.).

Technology Integrations

Gains immediate access to outstanding sports video content and the industry's most equitable revenue share model.

For your digital properties, our SPORTStation™ and Advanced Media Player™ tools are highly customizable and take minutes to integrate seamlessly into the page body or sidebar for each of your sites. They can also be configured so that the content is relevant to the page or section where they are displayed (e.g. MLB video content on the MLB section of your site) and you can also prioritize the sports available based on the unique interests.

We also provide you with the tools you need to monitor detailed performance data for deeper, more meaningful insight into your viewership’s preferences – just the knowledge you need to maximize your viewing performance and revenues with SendtoNews, as well as to thoughtfully develop other new, potentially lucrative online opportunities.

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